foodman NPNP silktits

食品まつりa.k.aFOODMAN + NPNP + silktits

November 17, 2018 9:00 pm

Personal Records
& The Brain present:

食品まつりa.k.aFOODMAN (Japan)
NPNP (Ham)
Silktits (Mtl)

at Boxcar Studio (468 Cumberland Ave)

Doors @ 9:00
$10 in adv.
$15 at door

Takahide Higuchi, better known as 食品まつりa.k.aFOODMAN, creates music that defies categorisations – and is one of the few artists that actually fit this overused description. There are traces of almost every electronic music genre, from juke, footwork, ambient, house, techno, to noise, but those elements are dissected and morphed together then driven to extreme without giving you a second to come up with a definitive genre. The noisy technicolour of these borderline versatile or schizophrenic collages is borne out of his experiments (or accidents) and has titillated, confused, and enchanted music obsessives far and wide. – Resident Advisor

Silktits is a DJ, radio host, and community organizer who is known for her digs and ability to work a dance floor. She blends reggae, funk, synth-pop, kwaito, house, disco & many other genres to create a flow in her radio show “Tender Grooves” on, which airs on the last Sunday of every month. silktits has made recent waves in the Montreal scene with her recent Piknic Électronik debut with Roberto S & Seb Wildblood.

NPNP is the solo project of Persons member and Personal Records founder, Jackson Darby. Having released his debut album on HAVN Records in early 2018, he’s been keeping busy with numerous remixes and working dance floors at his regular DJ night,’Personal Touch’. “There’s enough pump and heat to maybe call it wonky house, but that seems way too pigeonholing for NPNP. ‘Physical Mental Environmental’ starts as trippy techno, all full of round edges, bassy kicks, and murmured voices, before a childish electric piano hops on board like Ralph Wiggum taking control at Berghain.” – The Quietus