Chandra Bile Sister New Chance Doobie Freaks DJ Nick Persons

Chandra/Bile Sister/New Chance/Doobie Freaks/DJ Nick Persons

November 11, 2015 12:00 am

Strangewaves Music & Art Festival proudly invades the best venue in Hamilton to present the most interesting Wednesday poss:

Chandra (NYC)
Many artists perform under the guise of offering surreal performances but it takes a special mix of circumstance and individuality to truly deliver the goods. Chandra is the truth. In 1980, she recorded an unreal collection of post-punk/new wave tracks with NYC band The Model Citizens at the age of 12. Yeah………………..12. Now for the twist: Chandra, the Adult Woman, has re-emerged to revisit the classic songs that record collectors have been pining for for decades.

The eternally engaging Bile Sister will act as Chandra’s backing band and also perform a set of their own blitzy off-kilter swamp pop to get all the gremlins grooving.

NEW CHANCE (Toronto)
Victoria Cheong brings her bodacious body vibrations to Hamilton to loosen hips and widen the dancescape.

Hamilton’s fearless pests are guaranteed to set a bizarre groove with their one of a kind super rare set.

With very special DJ Nick Persons keeping the air weighty alllllll night.

Visuals by Vanessa Rieger