Essaie Pas

Essaie Pas/Bernardino Femminielli/Rich Oddie

April 13, 2018 9:00 pm

Strangewaves & Sous Bas present
with special guest DJ

Friday, April 13th, 2018
$15 at the door,
Advance tickets available for $10 online now at

Montreal-based electronic duo Essaie pas is comprised of Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau. Both are respected musicians in their own right – Marie having released two acclaimed solo records, with Pierre being best known for production work on underground Canadian musicians such as Dirty Beaches and Femminielli. Essaie pas was born on a hot summer night in 2010, releasing some ultra-limited singles which culminated in their debut LP, Nuit de noce (Teenage Menopause Records) in 2013. The mix of drawling guitars, français mumbles, and minimal electronics caught the ear of DFA Records, who booked the pair to open for Factory Floor on their first North American tour.

BERNARDINO FEMMINIELLI works in media including music, performance, poetryand film under the guise of a hyper-sexual, genderless provocateur. His workand character are a synthesis of mysticism, transgression, danger and pleasure– a detached crooner deep within a distopian discotheque. Narrating in French and Spanish, from classical arrangements to brutal Italo-disco, from heavy cosmic drone to mutant industrial: his sonic ventures reflect his adopted personas. His lyrics explore an imagined illicit paradise full of excess, drugs, bars, pleasure, darkness and companionship. Much of his poetry is arranged using the cut-up technique and is composed similarly to works of transgressive fiction. On stage, the confrontational yet intensely vulnerable performer explores the rich and dark energy of French and German cabaret– emphasizing the “total” performance where poetry, music,film, and dance coalesce.

Rich Oddie has been producing electronic and experimental music for over two decades, and is most well known for his work with pioneering industrial techno project Orphx (Sonic Groove, Hands, Hymen). He has recently been producing less abrasive forms of techno under his own name, on London’s Surface label. Other projects include Eschaton (Orphx + Ancient Methods), O/H (with Dave Foster of Huren / Teste), and Oureboros (with Aron West of Tropism).