Jef E Barbara's Black Space Jaunt Persons Choozey

Jef E Barbara’s Black Space/Jaunt/Persons/DJ Choozey

August 18, 2016 9:00 pm


Jef Elise Barbara has returned to the Montreal scene with a vengeance. The new songs explore themes “of blackness and the rejection of racialized tropes within white spaces.” Expect the grooviest party with the heaviest implications. Hamilton debut!

JAUNT (Toronto)
Hot on the heels of the freshest EP of the summer, Jaunt returns to Hamilton to fill TAH with blissful melodies and smooth as fuck tones.

PERSONS (Hamilton)
FKA Nick Persons, Persons is a progressive collective of passionate artists that are really onto something vital and interesting. Their mutant hip hop disco continues to grow and evolve, with each member taking on various instrumental and vocal duties.

+DJ Choozey will keep the dance floor dancin all night long