kee avil

Kee Avil / Horseman, Pass By / Eschaton / Please

March 7, 2018 6:00 pm

Into the Abyss + Strangewaves present =

Kee Avil (Montreal)

Kee Avil is a solo song project based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into song forms that stagger between structure and improvisation, the weird and the familiar.
A debut EP will be released on Black Bough Records in March 2018.

Horseman, Pass By. (Havelock/Ottawa)

Horseman, Pass By. is a duo of Bennett Bedoukian (Drums and Electronics) and Mark Molnar (Cello and Electronics). They have been playing together for 3 years, have ground gears out on 2 cars, wasted countless hours wandering half liminal and wrung out through truck stops on masticated highways across eastern Canada, are released their debut record in the late spring of 2018.
Eschaton (Hamilton)

Eschaton is an improvised noise duet comprising Aaron Hutchinson and Connor Bennett. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, their music is driven by spontaneity and a passion for improvisation. Thick textural noise contrasted with vulnerable horn expressions, Eschaton creates narrative soundscapes that breathe, bend, and distort.–4
Please (Hamilton)

Please is the solo improvisational surrealist musical pursuit of Becky Katz (Sourpussy, glassEYElashes) With a cello, clarinet, looper pedal, and boombox in her arsenal, there’s no sure-fire way to know exactly what she has in store for her audience, nor herself–other than utter soul purgation.

at Into the Abyss
119 Locke Street South, Hamilton
Wednesday March 7th