Lucrecia Dalt

Lucrecia Dalt/John Wiese/Thoughts on Air/DJ Night Cheese

January 31, 2019 9:00 pm

Strangewaves presents:

Lucrecia Dalt
John Wiese
Thoughts On Air
+ DJ Night Cheese

LUCRECIA DALT (Berlin via Columbia, Rvng Intl.)

Musician & sound artist Lucrecia Dalt has been making riveting sonic explorations for years now, and her latest LP, 2018’s Anticlines has garnered widespread international acclaim, a record that suggests “this is what antiforms sound like, and this is what the universe’s indifference sounds like.” Dalt’s ongoing experiments with visual artist Regina de Miguel support these ideas, their practice allowing the objects of their attention to slip in and out of being. Her slippery spoken word and performative nature is recalling the work of Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Asmus Tietchens, or Lena Platonos. In preparing a live set for Anticlines, Dalt plans to stage an uninterrupted configuration, like a kind of alienated lecture, aiming for “gestures that create tensions with non-existent objects.” Dalt intends “to provide meaning and a place for the listener to meditate or relate to the concerns and ideas” she presents

JOHN WIESE (Los Angeles, Pan/Gilgongo/etc records)

A prolific force of psychedelia out of the american underground, Wiese has been pumping out uncompromising sound explorations for over 2 decades, in a multitude of ensembles, solo and in his duo Sissy Spacek. The current iteration of his live set, featuring a reel to reel tape machine, is said to be his finest yet.

THOUGHTS ON AIR (Hamilton, Cloud Valley)

Hamilton’s long time purveyor of twisted soulscapes, Thoughts on Air has been cranking out incredibly affecting music across many calendar years. TOA is the perfect Hamiltonian component on this beautiful bill of prolific creators.

+ DJ Night Cheese all night long

Thursday January 31 2019
This Ain’t Hollywood
$10 advance, $13 at door