Man Made Hill Album Release w/ Seth Graham, Giant Claw, New Chance

March 24, 2018 9:00 pm

Strangewaves presents an extraordinary evening of electronic emittance, in celebration of some freshly unleashed album sounds!

Man Made Hill
Seth Graham
Giant Claw
New Chance
+ The Octopus Wolfi (DJ)

Man Made Hill (Hamilton, ON)

Local man gets all hot and bothered and releases a new album “FINGERTIP” (Pleasence Records), a full-length cruise through crusty synth stompers and boudoir bangers.
Mutant funk enforcer offers up gnarly pop treats, and entertains at any cost!

Seth Graham (Dayton, OH)

One 1/2 of the brains behind Orange Milk Records, a Dayton Ohio based label currently releasing some of the most progressive electronic music on the planet.
Seth is hot on the heels of his brand new LP “Gasp” an ambitious, mercurial opus loaded with unexpected textures and lightning quick edits, like “a digital blob of classical music with no obligation, testing the limits of both classical structure, modern technology, and unconscious obligation to the listener”. First show in Hamilton!

Giant Claw (Dayton,OH)

The Other 1/2 of Orange Milk, Giant Claw is the sound collage project of musician and visual artist Keith Rankin.
Deftly handling an array of complex, and staggeringly fresh sounds, Giant Claw smothers you in a hyperreal electronic sauce that cannot be experienced anywhere else.
A Playful, kaleidoscopic throwback to early MIDI music, Giant Claw “makes music that sounds like the soundtrack to a dystopian children’s book published in 1981”. First show in Hamilton!

New Chance (Toronto, ON)

Victoria Cheong creates a soulful, and elevating special blend of atmospheric dance music that can ignite the floor and let you meditate at the same time.
A warm, dreamy, swooning delight, New Chance is constantly pushing her craft, making way for the heavy glow! New Chance, New Vibrations.

The Octopus Wolfi Disc Jockey spinning killer tunergy

Saturday, March 24th, 2018
This Aint Hollywood

poster by Becky Katz

every minute and second of this evening will be highly enjoyable! bring your dollars & cents/sense/scents and consume!!!!