ONO / Buck Gooter / Sailboats are White

November 13, 2017 8:00 pm

Strangewaves & This Ain’t Hollowood present an incredibly rare appearance by seminal avant garde legends, ONO

ONO (Chicago)
ONO is a mindfuck flurry of Industrial Poetry, Avant Gospel & No-Wave Punk that began in 1980 in the underground arts scene of Chicago IL. Their deconstructed sound and mysterious allure has earned them bona fide cult band status.

BUCK GOOTER (Harrisonburg, Virginia)
Primal Industrial Blues from the depths of Virginia, been fracking shit up for over a decade and just keep gettin better & better.

SAILBOATS ARE WHITE (Hamilton/Toronto)
Combustive, gnarly thrash specialists are back for a much needed ruffling of hamilton’s feathers

+ DJ GHOST SHIT (spookyville)

$10 advance tix available soon