Palberta / Man Made Hill / Sourpussy

May 7, 2018 8:00 pm

Strangewaves is thrilled to bring a behemoth tripleheaded monster to This Ain’t Hollywood on an unsuspecting Monday. Time to figure out how to get off work on May 8…

Palberta (NYC/Philly)
Palberta are total mindblowing vagabonds, who are killing it at every level right now. They somehow continue to get better: releasing classic albums on an annual basis and constantly touring have made Palberta living legends in the underground scene. Palberta is totally chaotic, yet masterfully tight. Hamilton debut!

Man Made Hill (Hamilton)
Purveyor of ear-worm melodies, big bouncy beats, syrupy synths and the best live show in canaduh, Man Made Hill is a pop star from a virtual VHS collection. MMH somehow creates something unique and real with each live set, putting it all on the line for the sake of an unforgettable show. Hot on the heels of his brand new smash hit, FINGERTIP, catch him before he hits the road for his first west coast tour!

Sourpussy (Hamilton)
The mischievous rascals of improv are back to tear a big ol hole in whatever expectations we might have. After a cold harsh winter, Sourpussy is sure ready to *SPRING* into action and deliver a freakishly radical set of spontaneity.