petra glynt

Petra Glynt/Bobbypin/Blunt Chunks/DJ princess peach

October 11, 2017 8:00 pm

PETRA GLYNT (Montreal)
The inimitable Petra Glynt returns to Hamilton to unleash her latest flurry of creative & colorful musical exuberance onto the lucky attendees. Petra Glynt’s powerful voice is like no other on the musical landscape right now, it’s time to get hip if you’re not already a part of the Petra Glynt army

BOBBYPIN (Berlin via Montreal)
Bobbypin is the alt-pop project of multi-instrumentalist/producer, A M DeVito. Strewn from equal elements of dark speculation and shining recollection, the music spits strength in the stoic confines of past and preset. Elements of early electronic hand-in-hand with classic and alt –pop arrangements and an occasional hint of dark haze create an ear-worm sound all its own.

Super real emotion mover, with a voice like a bayfront breeze. You know her, you love her. Get there early so you can get up close & personal with one of Hamilton’s best songcrafters.

+DJ Princess Peach will keep the good vibes rollin