RAMZi D.Tiffany DJ Choozey


October 14, 2016 9:00 pm

Strangewaves & the Brain are at it again, bringin ya 2 of the most exciting producers/djs in the country with a local favourite:

RAMZi (Montreal/Vancouver, 1080p, RVNG Intl)
Earthy undulations create exotic and comforting grooves for a one of a kind adventure. ***ontario debut!***

D. Tiffany / DJ Zozi (Vancouver, 1080p)
Luxurious, fogged up dance music that’s instantly engaging. No way not to dance. ***ontario debut***

DJ Choozey (Ham)
Certified deep digger / groove grower / passion purveyor. You love Choozey, he loves you.

$10 adv tix on sale online at
////Hard tix at The Brain soon