Drainolith Soupcans Sourpussy


October 22, 2016 8:00 pm

Come get strange at the Strangewaves HQ with the lethal combination of:

DRAINOLITH (Montreal, NNA Tapes)
Alex Moskos’ psychoactive sonic travels hook into your marrow and drag you around in the wet grass til your inner canine is howling in pleasure.

SOUPCANS (Toronto, Telephone Explosion)
Just ahead of the release of their highly anticipated 3rd LP, the deadliest band in the Ontario will slaughter our living room with their maniacal mood offerings.

The four savages return to shock, elate and tittilate with their one of a kind soul-bearing.

+ DJ Choozey will keep the vibrations where they need to be throughout the night.

This is an EARLY SHOW. Please bring your bods to the house at 6pm for BBQ. Live music performance begins promptly at 8 pm so we can wrap things up at a timely hour (by 11) for the neighbs.

$5 adv, $7 @ door