pop montreal

Strangewaves does Pop Montreal! feat. Man Made Hill, Tartpussy, Dead Dog, and Kristian North

September 26, 2018 8:00 pm

POP Montreal and Strangewaves present a night of radical sounds, splittin the bill between Montreal & Hamilton acts, featuring:

Kristian North (Montreal)
formerly of Babysitter, Kristian leaps into the solo spotlight with an incredibly endearing persona, laced with inescapable ear-worms

Man Made Hill (Hamilton)
the prince of the canadian underground, Man Made HIll has been wowing humans with his infectious mutant boogie bangers and purely passionate performances for over a decade

dead dog (Montreal)
“pop industrial mongrel” /// ravenous new project raising hairs on the backs of necks everywhere

Tart Pussy (Hamilton)
subversive & provocative improv collective from the creative juice-filled women behind Sour Pussy and their accomplices

$10 at the door