Super Strange BBQ

Super Strange BBQ

September 10, 2016 12:00 pm

Strangewaves is firing up the propane and heating the grill for Supercrawl this year. We’ve got an afternoon filled with the most adventerous music within a 100 mile radius, baby. For anyone in need of respite from James Street (or life in general), swing by for these radical performances:

Bromp Treb (MASS, USA, Feeding Tube Recs, ex-Fat Worm of Terror)
Brain-boggling electro-acoustic collages that twist and turn your spirit in all directions.

FLESHTONE AURA (TO, Pleasance Recs, Andrew Zukerman)
Truly free sounds by an underground mastermind. Prepare for turbulent meditation.

HUNTING RITUALS (HAM, Scojo & Michalchuk)
Legends of sonic texture; will make your skin (super)crawl

Fresh Flesh (TO)
Real life esoteric hip hop for the underground soul.

MUTT (TO, ex Dead Love Triangles/Wicked Witches, Trevor Turple on bass)
Earthy rock & soul that worms its way into your cranium.

DREAMY (HAM, Drew Taylor)
We’ll borrow the prince of the street for a rare performance of his unpredictable & amazing solo jams.

THRUM (HAM, Olga Kirgidis)
Ethereal sounds from a deep treasure – another rare treat!

enter around back
food and drank avail