The Space Lady

The Space Lady/Sexy Merlin/glassEYElashes

September 14, 2018 9:00 pm

Strangewaves is over the moon, floating in some other galaxy because we get to announce this incredibly special show that will be happening in the place known as Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Earth, featuring the unique talents of:

The Space Lady (San Fran/Colorado)
Sexy Merlin (Van/Toronto)
G l a s s E Y E l a s h e s (Hamilton)

The Space Lady
The queen of “outsider music,” The Space Lady has been channeling intergalactic magic for over 40 years. Her gloriously charming takes on classic songs like “Ghost Riders in the Sky,” “Major Tom,” “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night),” as well as original compositions “Synthesize Me” and “Humdinger” have enchanted audiences far and wide. Her angelic voice floating over her sparse and calming instrumentation. It is incredibly special for The Space Lady to touch down in little old Hamilton, to say the least!

Sexy Merlin
Having moved to Vancouver a few years ago, southern ontario has sorely missed the deep organic grooves that Sexy Merlin has carved out in the canadiana dance sphere, with his highly craved
original tracks, such as the radiant Heater played by DJs across the globe
…but he’s back! He’s ready to pull you into his realm and save cast a spell on your hips, leaving them unable to stay still.

G l a s s E Y E l a s h e s
Hamilton’s powerhouse trio, overflowing with incredible melodies, radical song structures, and jubilant enthusiasm, GlassEYElashes are a powerful, majestic concoction and the world is starting to notice. Hot on the heels of their smash hit album Jellyfish, it’s time to get all of their songs stuck in your head so you can improve your quality of life.

$10 advance tickets on sale now online, soon at brain