Thick Thursday # 5 featuring Open Fortress presents Beings

May 17, 2018 9:00 pm

Strangewaves is thrilled to bring an incredibly sensuous night of performative dance that will immerse the room Hamilton has quickly fallen in love with. Get ready for a deep adventure.

Open Fortress presents “Beings”

Beings is an experience where the audience is invited to align themselves with an altered dimension where they might create and sustain paranormal encounters. They are intriguing beings, faceless, and they look like lost or misguided souls, their environment appears similar to ours, yet affects their bodies radically, and while the audience is watching, one might might question their own reality. Beings is currently in progress and this presentation is one part of something larger.

Open Fortress is a collective of dancers organized by Allie Blumas (DOOMSQUAD), Anna Mayberry (ANAMAI, HSY), Lee Gelbloom and Jolyane Langlois. Inception: 2015.

+ later grooves provided by the Strangewaves disc-jackies