vampire belt

Vampire Belt + American Cig + Max & Maxine Moon

November 12, 2018 8:00 pm

Strangewaves is thrilled to announce a monstrous monday at This Ain’t Hollywood, with this sizzlin triple bill:

VAMPIRE BELT (Chris Corsano / Bill Nace, NY/MASS)
mind-melting improvisations from incredible all star underground duo of Bill Nace (guitar/electronics, 1/2 of Body/Head), & Chris Corsano (has played with everybody, percussion prince of the continent)

MAX & MAXINE MOON (Kecky Batz & Josh St. Denis)
Outlandish & ambiguous, you’ll freak for this one of a kind duo, MAXin out on pure realness

AMERICAN CIG (Nathan Ivanco & Steve Smith)
Hot new creative duo featuring 2 of the city’s deepest heads – ya know / ya love

***early show***

Strangewaves welcomes all people who refrain from harmful behaviour while they are in attendance. Harmful behaviour includes harassment, violence, and violation of consent.