zad kokar poorage fountain

Zad Kokar/Fountain/Poorage @ TAH

September 20, 2017 9:00 pm

Come get wacky on Wednesday with

FOUNTAIN (Montreal via Victoria)
Fountain smashes ya with their hypnotic post-punk eartreats. Come celebrate the reissue of their early tapes on vinyl by new record label VeryFineFine Records.

ZAD KOKAR & the COMBI BEYAZ (Strasbourg, France)
Zad Kokar & the Combi Beyaz will make their Hamilton debut…expect addictive “No-wave / weird dada no jazz alien proteiform band” —– yes please! hit this bandcamp and get into the Zad Kokar universe

POORAGE (Hamilton)
Brand new no wave explosion from the some of the brains behind Pool People, Dreamy, Toilephant, Sensei, Get off the Cop, Lizzy Boredom, etc etc! aka the Hammy All Star No Wave Revue

$7 at door